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West Side LSC Group Promotes Parent Involvement

An estimated $1 million in new federal funds earmarked for schools to promote parent involvement went unspent last year because LSCs didn’t know the money was available. In North Lawndale a new neighborhood network of LSC members help spread the word, and a dozen schools were able to hold onto about $36,000 for programs to bring parents into schools.

The North Lawndale LSC Federation (NLSCF) brings together council members from 14 schools to help each other by filling information and training gaps and discussing common problems and solutions. It’s goal is to empower LSC members, says founder Derrick Harris. Similar networks are getting off the ground in Austin and Bronzeville.

Promoting parent involvement is the theme of the NLSCF’s third quarterly meeting next week, with scores of LSC members expected to attend. CPS chief education officer Barbara Eason-Watkins will speak on parent involvement and student achievement, and workshops will address funding and programming for parent programs, as well as best practices at one participating school. The meeting is Tuesday, September 16, dinner at 6:30 p.m. and program at 7:30, at Dvorak Academy, 3615 W. 16th Street.

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