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Eyewitness Iraq

Despite the importance of the Iraq War, much of our information about it is limited. Congressional hearings have been stymied and media reports are often constrained by lack of security in the country.

The personal testimonies of Americans and Iraqis with first-hand knowledge of the impact of the invasion and occupation on soldiers and civilians will be featured Saturday at Inquest Iraq, an inquiry into the origins and on-going operation of the war.

Sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, the hearing will take place Saturday, October 28, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Northwestern Law School, 375 E. Chicago.

A 1 p.m. session will feature U.S. veterans, including John Flynn of Iraqi Veterans Against War; former Staff Sergeant Mike Nowacki, who served as an interrogation team leader in Baghdad; and Kayla Williams, a former intelligence soldier and interpreter, and author of “Love My Rifle More Than You.”

At 3 p.m., Naba Hameed, currently a professor of biology at the University of Baghdad, will speak, along with Dr. Dahlia Wasfi, an American doctor who has visited relatives in Baghdad and Basra, and Raed Jarrar, an Iraqi-American architect who witnessed the 2003 invasion, directed a door-to-door casualty survey, and established a humanitarian aid project.

A morning session will focus on policy analysis, with former diplomat Ann Wright and former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Computer banks will be available for attendees to contact representatives to all for congressional hearings, said organizer Jarred Butto.

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