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Elected school board?

At Saturday’s hearing on LSCs, speaker after speaker — grassroots activists working to improve neighborhood schools, some with many years of service — called for an elected school board.

With LSC elections Wednesday and Thursday, PURE has just announced a petition drive for a citywide advisory referendum on whether the Board of Education should be directly elected.  Supporters need to collect 40,000 signatures in the next four months.

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2 Responses

  1. If some people want an elected school board for the CPS, it stands to reason they should also be demanding an elected school board for the state of Illinois. Much of the nonsense imposed on Illinois public schools is driven by the politically appointed ISBE.

    An alternative is to get rid of CPS and state school boards altogether. They largely have become engines of inefficiency and waste, forcing bureaucratic structures on unwanting parents. Why should the CPS or the ISBE be telling parents what they can and cannot have?

    We have quite a bit about the disasterous problems of school boards on our Illinois Loop website at this address:

    Kevin Killion

  2. […] the first hearing in April (see Newstip and follow-up post), veteran LSC members from dozens of schools called for more support for LSCs.  Many also called […]

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