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Hyde Park Co-op president ousted

Hyde Park Cooperative Society board president James Poueymirou was ousted, and three advocates for opening the books were elected to the organization’s board, it was announced today.

Poueymirou, a mortgage broker who led the board in closing the Co-op’s 55th street grocery during the 75th anniversary of the organization’s founding, hadn’t been elected to the board in the first place; a member of the organization’s nominating committee, he’d been appointed to fill a vacancy on the board.  He came in last place in the election, with 41 votes.

Turnout was low in an election run on a very small scale, with no direct communication with the membership.

New board member Joan Staples, who previously served on the board in the 1970s, said she hopes for answers to questions that were never addressed during the closing of the store, including the nature of an agreement with the University of Chicago to finance the closing.

Also elected were Doug Anderson (of bird-watching fame), a longtime member, and M.L. Rantala, a former editor of the organization’s newspaper, who led opposition to the closing.

Some members hope to find a new role for the organization, though prospects for the future are unclear.

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