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Launch immigrant voter drive

Hundreds of immigrants will apply for citizenship at a massive citizenship workshop Saturday morning as part of the launch of the New Americans Vote 2008 campaign.

The workshop is at 9 a.m. at Foreman High School, 235 N. LeClaire.  At 10:30, Senator Dick Durbin and U.S. Representatives Luis Gutierrez and Jan Schakowsky will join local and national immigrant leaders for a kickoff event.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights is working with the Center for Community Change and other organizations on a 14-state organizing effort to mobilize the immigrant vote.

At the kickoff ceremony, 60 organizing fellows will be presented as they leave for a six-day organizing boot camp training, in prepartion for volunteer recruitment and voter registration and turnout efforts in states including Florida, California, Colorado, New York, Nebraska, and Oregon.

Hundreds of new citizens will also be on hand, along with volunteers to help them register to vote.

“The immigrant vote will be crucial this Election year, and immigrants are eager to show their political power by voting in large numbers this November,” said Lawrence Benito, associate director of ICIRR.

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