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Factory takeover

Inside the Republic Windows and Doors plant sat a row of workers, their faces looking a bit weary but determined and, even more so, just patient — and behind them, a gleaming new production facility and lots and lots of windows.  It’s a different situation, but it brought to mind Naomi Klein’s fascinating film The Take, about Argentine workers during that country’s economic crisis reopening and collectively operating abandoned factories.  Check out the trailer.

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One Response

  1. Franz Bieberkopf says:

    How so? “The Take” documented workers expropriating a factory and making it productive again – thus creating jobs and income.

    In the Republic Windows example, workers are protesting for a more humane elimination of their jobs.

    Minimally they deserve that, and they’re to be commended for their collective action, but at the end of the day the factory is closed, the workers are still unemployed and Bank America walks off with billions of taxpayer dollars.

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