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Green Christmas

Dreaming of a Green Christmas? The new Green Community Center in Oak Park is holding a Green Holiday Bazaar featuring local eco-friendly vendors this Saturday, December 6, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at New Spirit Community Church, 542 S. Scoville, Oak Park.

The Green Community Center was created to help people respond to concern over climate change and habitat destruction by learning about how they can make a difference in their daily life choices, said founder Karen Heart. A winter lecture series begins in January, along with weekly groups that will meet, using The Low-Carbon Diet as a guide, to support participants in reducing their own carbon footprint.

“People are concerned about global warming but they don’t really understand how they contribute to climate change themselves — and what they can do about it,” Heart said. “Unless we change our behaviors, we’re going to lose this battle.”

The bazaar will feature local vendors offering organic cotton t-shirts and baby clothes, soybean candles, homemade soaps, children’s toys made from recycled materials, “green books” with stories about the environment and ecological activities for kids, and organic pet food and treats, along with a green restaurant (offering gift certificates and baked goods), green home experts, and a green laundry.

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