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Abbott: another building for Renaissance 2010?

The Tribune reports on a school in South Carolina, where largely black school districts are stuck with decrepit schools, while they fight for an equal share of school funding.

In Chicago, as Newstips detailed Monday, long-deferred repairs pile up at neighborhood schools as money is shoveled into fixing buildings for charter and other Renaissance 2010 schools.  Often neighborhood schools get long-deferred repairs and upgrades, only to learn they are being turned over to a Ren2010 school.

Now comes word from Grand Boulevard Federation that Abbott School, is slated for closing by CPS, is being wired for internet access.

“CPS had better not give this school over to others,” said GBF’s Andrea Lee in an e-mail.  Is the Abbott community not “worthy of a performing neighborhood school” in CPS’s eyes? she asks.

A community hearing on Abbott’s closing is scheduled for Thursday, February 19, at 5:30 p.m. at the school, 3630 S. Wells.  The board will vote on proposed closings on February 25.

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  1. […] the other side of town, Grand Boulevard Federation is keeping an eye on recently-closed Abbott Elementary’s building.  As noted here, only a comprehensive school facilities plan can ensure equitable distribution of […]

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