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La Raza in Chicago

The Ressurection Project was awarded the Family Strengthening Award by the National Council of La Raza (in Chicago for its national conference this weekend) in recognition of the role of its financial services program, which helps over 1,000 families a year prevent foreclosure and repair credit.

 La Raza’s conference kicked off with a ceremony of naturalization — not in a courtroom as usual, but at Erie Neighborhood House.  It was a fitting site, since the agency has helped immigrants integrate into a new home since its founding as a settlement house in 1870.

Following the ceremony, the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights helped the new citizens register to vote.

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  1. Community Media Workshop announces The Resurrection Project as recipient of the 2009 Family Strengthening Award of the National Council of La Raza in recognition of the role of its financial services program.Read the whole article –  […]

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