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Charge Olympic study biased

Last week the Civic Federation released a report pronouncing Chicago Olympic bid to be fiscally “fair and reasonable” with adequate taxpayer safeguards.  Now No Games Chicago is challenging the impartiality of the Civic Federation and the consultants who carried out the study.

NGC points out that half the Federation’s board members represent companies that are supporting the Olympic bid.  And three of  the funders of the $100,000 study  — the Chicago Community Trust, the MacArthur Foundation, and the Polk Brothers Foundation — are also Chicago 2016 donors. 

In addition, Chicago 2016 chair Patrick Ryan is a major donor to the Civic Federation.  And Ryan received an award from the group for outstanding civic contributions in 2007.

LEK Consultants, hired by the Federation to do the report, has worked for the city and currently has a major proposal pending for retail development at O’Hare Airport.  And two-thirds of the “experts” consulted by LEK are from companies backing the bid, according to NGC.

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