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A letter to Obama

With the anniversary of President Obama’s election tomorrow, some of his staunchest supporters are waiting for action on key issues.  Foreclosures continue, unemployment remains high, and immigration and labor law reform is on hold.

“In many ways the undocumented ended up being made the bogeyman [of the health care debate] by Republicans, and got thrown under the bus by many Democrats,” writes Josh Hoyt of ICIRR at Progress Illinois.

“Meanwhile deportations have increased under the Obama administration, and it is unclear whether the political will to move forward on immigration reform will exist after the exhausting health care battle subsides.”

On Tuesday, November 3, labor, immigrant, civil rights and community groups are rallying across from Grant Park at the Spertus Institute, 610 S. Michigan, at 11:30 a.m. to  renew the push for change.  The theme is “inclusive health care reform and a progressive America,” and issues include health care reform, immigration reform, workers’ rights, LGBT rights, living wage jobs, financial regulation, action on climate change and creating a more peaceful world.

Local activists are signing a letter to President Obama “urging courage in moving forward on a broad range of challenging policy initiatives our nation urgently needs,” Hoyt writes.

“Too often, we work in silos, not seeing the humanity of others or the justice of their causes. But building an America that is fair and inclusive demands that we band together.”

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3 Responses

  1. Brittancus says:

    Has anybody thought of the consequences of comprehensive immigration reform? Should this AMNESTY pass, you can expect millions more to compromise our national border in one fail swoop. They will get past the fence anyway they can, they will fly in from every dingy corner of the world. They will come and keep coming until our highways will be death traps, our streets slaughter houses. We will be become recluses in our own home, hiding from illegal gang members and perverts preying on our children. We have enough of our criminal element in cells, without housing and feeding people from foreign lands

  2. newsadmin says:

    I agree with Brittancus… hundreds of years ago the native americans allowed amnesty to all these immigrants and now these people that plunder and consume hold top positions in government and call themselves conservative republicans!

  3. I’m in total agreement with admin. The borders of this country were compromised hundreds of years ago, when native Americans took them at their word and permitted whites to come in virtually unchecked from equally dingy Europe, and introduce their societal misfits, rejects and criminal element upon the western plains. Not to mention the fact that every iota of research I’ve ever seen about so-called “perverts preying on children” characterizes 99 percent of them as upstanding white, suburban males.

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