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Protest Honduran election

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Human rights and solidarity activists – including members of a recent delegation to Honduras (covered here [2]) – will protest Sunday’s election in the Central American nation, where President Manuel Zelaya was removed from office and forced into exile by the military this summer.

Chicago groups including La Voz de los Abajos [3] will hold a vigil outside the Honduran consulate, 4439 W. Fullerton, from 3 to 5 p.m. on Sunday, November 29.  A ceremony at 4 p.m. will enact “the attempted murder of democracy in Honduras.”

The election is being held under conditions of a human rights crisis, including killings, detentions, and suspensions of constitutional rights, organizers say.  Popular movements in Honduras are boycotting the election, and scores of candidates have withdrawn.  The election has been condemned as illegitimate by the OAS and by governments around the world; the U.S. is one of the few countries considering recognizing the resulting government.

La Voz is calling on the Obama administration not to recognize the election.  They cite a new report from the Honduran human rights group COFADEH [4], which says the  human rights situation there is deteriorating daily, with killings, unlawful detentions, torture and military occupation of poor neighborhoods identified with resistance to the coup.