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Altgeld parents call for new school

Fenger parents are going door-to-door today collecting signatures on a petition calling for a new neighborhood high school to serve Altgeld Gardens.

Fenger parents from the Committee for Safe Passage will canvas the neighborhood after noon and hold a press conference at 1:30 p.m. today (December 14) at the office of People for Community Recovery, 13116 S. Ellis.

They are proposing establishing the Hazel Johnson School for Environmental Justice, named for the founder of PCR, a pioneer in the environmental justice movement.  They are calling for an open-enrollment school with union teachers and an elected LSC, according to a release.  And they want it to open immediately.

The Committee for Safe Passage was founded after the beating death of Derrion Albert outside Fenger in October.  Last week a federal court ruled that because CPS couldn’t guarantee students’ safety, Fenger students could transfer to one of four schools.  (See Newstips from October and November.)

But the only school in the Altgeld community, Carver Military Academy, was made selective enrollment in 2006.  Altgeld parents point out that building housing military academy could house additional schools.

“We’re committed to make sure that our kids have their neighborhood high school back for their security, protection, and education,” said Cheryl Johnson of PCR (and Hazel Johnson’s daughter). “They need an environment conducive to learning—it’s evident that they are not getting that at Fenger.”

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