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Still fighting for Hennepin Steel

It’s over a year since steelmaking giant ArcelorMittal announced it was closing its plant in Hennepin, Illinois (see Newstips in June and September), and the community still refuses to yield on its demand for full consideration of alternatives.

Now the Peoria Star Journal reports that the Putnam County Board has voted to study options for redeveloping the steel mill, which the paper calls “the economic backbone of the Upper Illinois River Valley.”

One option to be considered is public acquisition through eminent domain or condemnation, according to the report. The county has hired Neal and LeRoy, a Chicago law firm with expertise in those areas, to study alternatives.

Just forty years old, the steel mill is one of the most modern in the nation. Several domestic steelmakers have expressed interest in acquiring it, but ArcelorMittal has refused to accept their offers.  Steelworkers charge the plant closing is part of a strategy to shift steel production  overseas.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    “Steelworkers charge the plant closing is part of a strategy to shift steel production overseas.” This absolutely correct, Lakshmi Mittal has made it very clear over the past year that this will be the trend. The US better come up with a plan quick, or it’s goodbye US steel industry.

  2. mike says:

    How can a Indian bussinessman buy up a large portion of the U S steel industry and then go about shutting it’s plants down. This should never happen in America. The steel that was produced at Hennepin may now come from this Big Shots mills in Brazil or India.

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