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Nonprofit Nation: Haiti, journalism

This week’s Nation has two reports on nonprofit issues:  In Haiti, aid is still slow in getting to refugee camps, as large relief organizations have ignored community-based organizations.  But “a group of Haitian community leaders [is] determined to force the international aid agencies to listen to their demands.”  Meanwhile long-term planning by the UN and US and Haitian elites, backed by Bill Clinton, focuses on a neoliberal agenda of bolstering export industries and bypasses reviving the nation’s once-thriving agricultural sector.

And as newsrooms shrink, think tanks like the Center for a New American Security have moved to fill the void.  With funding from the MacArthur Foundation and other philanthropies – and also from an array military contractors, from Lockheed Martin to KBR – the center gives commentators a cover of “bipartisanship” while pushing for a military buildup in Afghanistan and opposing withdrawal from Iraq.

Also at the Nation, John Nichols has a sober appraisal of the shortcomings of the healthcare reform bill, as well as possible strategies for reforming the reform.

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