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State cuts will increase homelessness

Homeless service providers are struggling to keep their doors open, and 1,300 people seeking shelter were turned away during January 2010 due to state budget cuts, according to a new survey by four groups working to end homelessness.

Failure to pass comprehensive tax reform will mean more families losing their homes, according to the study.

State funding for homeless programs has been reduced by over $10 million a year, or about 23 percent, and agencies dedicated to homeless prevention and providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, homeless youth housing, and permanent supportive housing are borrowing heavily to offset delays in state funds.

Ed Shurna of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless welcomed Governor Quinn’s commitment to  raise revenue but said Quinn’s proposal to raise the income tax by 1 percent is “totally inadeqaute” and “an invitation to put off real solutions yet again.”

Along with CCH, the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness, Housing Action Illinois, and the Supportive Housing Providers Association – all members of the Responsible Budget Coalition — helped prepare the survey.

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