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Students raise thousands for Haiti

While media and public attention has largely moved on from the devastation of Haiti, students at a dozen west suburban schools are staying the course in a remarkable effort that has raised thousands of dollars to help their peers in Haiti.

With a goal of raising $90,000 by the 90-day anniversary of the January 12 earthquake, Students Hearts for Haiti is holding a benefit concert with the Nashville-based band We The Living this Thursday evening at Lyon Township High School.

In the days after the earthquake, 14-year-old Kaley Shannon and the youth group of the Western Springs Baptist Church baked and sold 2,000 cookies for disaster relief.

“This was the worst disaster I’ve ever seen, and I felt an obligation to help in some way,” Shannon said.

That initial effort quickly mushroomed, with students at twelve public and private schools selling T-shirts and wristbands.  So far they’ve raised over $25,000 – and the Moyer Foundation has kicked in with a $25,000 matching grant.

They’re working through Free The Children, a largely youth-funded foundation created by a 12-year-old Toronto boy in 1995, which focuses on children’s rights and promoting sustainable development in poor countries.

Money raised here will go to rebuilding schools in Haiti.

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