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Thresholds launching Veterans Project

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to a sharp increase in the need for mental health services for veterans.  In response Thresholds has developed a peer support program and is now launching a Veterans Project offering comprehensive housing, health care, case management, and supported employment services.

Homelessness is a major problem, with nearly 200,000 veterans estimated to be homeless on any given night nationally (over 10,000 in Illinois). Multiple deployments have increased the number of PTSD cases, which can involve anxiety, depression, insomnia, and violent mood swings.  Substance abuse is common among homeless vets, and among veterans generally, suicide rates are high; earlier this year VA Secretary Eric Shinseki estimated there are 6,000 suicides by veterans a year, or 18 each day, far outstripping combat deaths.

Thresholds will bring together many services the agency now offers – outreach to the homeless in shelters and communities, case management, physical and mental health services, and supported employment, which partners with 140 area companies.  These will be combined with the agency’s Peer Success program, in which veterans who have successfully undertaken treatment programs mentor vets who are getting help.

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