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Wage theft law passes

The State Senate sent a tough new wage theft law to Governor Quinn last night in what the Just Pay For All Coalition is calling a “resounding victory for workers.”

Advocates said they expect Quinn to sign the bill, which closes gaps in the state’s enforcement system which allowed employers to short workers with little fear of consequences.  (See previous post for details.)  The Senate approved a version passed by the House last month.

Senator William Delgado (D-2) and State Representative Lisa Hernandez (D-24) were the sponsors.

“The bill will not only help workers keep their homes and pay their bills, but it will bring in millions of dollars of unreported income taxes at a time when our state in is fiscal crisis,” said Baldemar Lopez, legislative director for the coalition.

“We are seeing an increase in situations where workers are simply not getting paid for their work,” said Ana Guajardo, executive director of the Centro de Trabadojores Unidos in South Chicago.  A recent study by researchers at UIC estimated that wage theft costs Chicago area workers over $7 million a week.

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