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Cuts to home care will raise state costs

Cuts in the state budget to programs that help people with disabilities live in their own homes will end up forcing many into insitutions – and costing the state more money than it would have spent on community-based care.

That’s the contention of a broad coalition of organizations representing people with physical, developmental, and psychiatric disabilities, who will rally against budget cuts tomorrow (Monday, July 19) at 11:30 a.m. at the State of Illinois building, Randolph and Dearborn.

“The disability community understands that budget cuts impact almost everyone and every service in Illinois, but most of the cuts to disability services don’t make sense,” said Gary Arnold of Access Living.  He said most of the cuts are to community-based services, “which cost less money than institutional services.

“If the community services are cut, more people will be forced into institutions, costing the state more money.”

Advocates have identified over $100 million in cuts to community services for people with developmental disabilities or mental health issues, Arnold said.   He said the cost of institutional care is dramatically higher than for community-based care.

“We think a rebalancing of the budget would give people more choice and be more cost-effective,” he said.

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