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Call on Durbin: No Social Security cuts

Members of the Illinois Alliance of Retired Americans and the Strengthen Social Security Campaign delivered a letter to Senator Richard Durbin this afternoon calling on him to reconsider his statement yesterday that he would support raising the retirement age to 69.

“The increase will be devastating for future retirees and especially discriminates against African-Americans, women and low-wage workers,” the letter said.

It amounts to a 13 percent benefit reduction, on top of a 13 percent reduction under 1983 legislation that will raise the retirement age to 67 by 2022, said John Gaudette of Citizen Action Illinois.

The groups point out that while life expectancy has increased by five years for upper-income men in the last quarter-century, it’s risen by just one year for lower-income men – and it’s fallen for lower-income women.

Without Social Security, more than half of older women would fall into poverty, they say.

“There are sensible solutions to help reduce the federal deficit, as well as improve Social Security long-term solvency, but cutting Social Security benefits is not one of them,” they write. “Social Security has not contributed a single penny to the deficit.”

(For more, see Durbin Defaults and Obama tax plan – a threat to Social Security?)

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8 Responses

  1. Nanette Nelson says:

    Please! No cuts to Social Secruity or Medicare! My husband is disabled and depends on SS and Medicare. Without it he would not be able to continue with his treatment for leukemia nor would he have any income. Please protect our paid for right to SS and Medicare. Lives depend on it. This is a dire situation for families like ours.

  2. William Cole says:




  3. lois retzloff says:

    Do not cut social security!

  4. Debra Sutton says:

    Why do you want to raise the age? Social security is an entitlement that we all pay into. To touch it is totally ridiculous. I am 54 years old and I work for the Post office as a city letter carrier. I’ve been doing this job for 24 years and my body is now broken from the job. My knees are totally gone, my feet are bad and my shoulder. I can’t wait to retire wich I can do in 8 years. I don’t think my body will allow me to work that long. Most of us can barely make the current retirement age and you want to raise the age!! I bet you can work to age 69 because your job is not tough and your body will allow you to. Most of us are hard working people with jobs that tear up our bodies, so I don’t know why you want to be cruel to us and raise the age.!! That’s absolutely horrible.

  5. Barbara Brand says:

    Don’t touch Social Security. This is not a entitlement. And a lot of hard working people can not work until there 69. I guess you want people to work and then they will die. Obama should not give in to the Republicans On Social Security and Medicare.

  6. Jim Pniak says:

    How can our government talk about cutting social security.We payed into that program and if the greedy government would not have stolen the money out of the lock box there would be more than enough money for future generations. Our government is so corrupt and so greedy and they will take this great country down if the people don’t react now.

  7. Nancy Monroe says:

    DO NOT CUT Social Security. The RepubliCONs have been trying to get rid of it since it’s inception. Get the unemployed back to work and the system will start working again. Definitely, get rid of any fraud connected with it (that all government agencies have because the world if full of crooks) and stop the congress from “borrowing” from the trust fund to pay for other items. Let it earn interest just like any other investment and increase the coffers of Social Security. Don’t let the republicans and Grover Norquist win the war on your watch….

  8. Jim Criner says:

    Sure can’t add anything except to ask two questions. Why is there such a massive attack on working people both union and nonunion? Secondly, why do so many working people vote for Republicans? It makes no sense. All of the Republican candidates say they are for the working person yet look at their positions!! I think Obama hasn’t had our back, extremely disappointed with him, however can you imagine what a Republican would do? Sure wish we had a different Democrat for president.

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