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Can you hear us now, FCC?

The Save The Internet coalition is delivering 50,000 petitions every hour – two million signatures over two days – during the public comment period on the FCC’s proposed net neutrality rules.

They’re calling it a “Can-You-Hear-Us-Now-a-Thon.”

The action is intended to offset “high-priced lobbyists for the phone and cable companies” who “converge on the FCC every day,” said Misty Perez Truedson of the Free Press in a release.

FCC chair Julius Genachowski – the deciding vote on the five-member  commission, with two other Democratic appointees considered strong net neutrality supporters – has met with lobbyists instead of “using his bully pulpit to educate the public about what’s at stake,” writes Crain Aaron of the Free Press at Huffington Post.

“Instead of staking out a strong position and forcing powerful companies like AT&T and Comcast to come to the table for a compromise, Genachowski has been negotiating against himself, backpedaling from his backpedaling, and ultimately proposing toothless rules that look nothing like real net neutrality,” Aaron writes.

The Free Press also delivered a letter signed by 80 leaders of consumer, civil rights, and media reform groups (including Thom Clark of Community Media Workshop), calling on the FCC to prohibit “paid prioritization,” protect wireless users from application blocking and discriminiation, and address loopholes in “specialized services” provisions and in the definition of broadband services.

The FCC is scheduled to vote on the proposed rule on December 21.

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