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Activists denounce FBI ‘fishing expedition’

Community leaders will join lawyers and subpoenaed activists at a press conference at the Dirksen Building tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Veteran anti-apartheid activist Prexy Nesbitt, SEIU Local 73 president Christine Boardman, and Chicago Teachers Union vice president Jesse Sharkey will join representatives of Chicago’s Arab-American and Puerto Rican communities speaking in support of anti-war and solidarity activists subpoenaed to appear before a federal grant jury tomorrow.

Of nine activists called to testify tomorrow, six are Arab-Americans and the remaining three are Palestine solidarity activists (see previous post for more). In a statement, the subpoenaed activists said, “We will not take part in this fishing expedition.” One of them, Maureen Murphy, called the grand jury investigation “an attempt to criminalize solidarity with the Palestinian people.”

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