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A tale of two golf tournaments

While Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce holds its annual golf tournament at the Beverly Country Club, Stand Up Chicago will hold a “People’s Putt-Putt” downtown, on a course set up to show “how rich corporate executives and working Chicago families play by two very different sets of rules.”

The free event takes place from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday, August 15, outside the Thompson Center at Randolph and Clark.

A nine-hole miniature golf course will feature obstacles and enhancements showing “the ease with which corporate executives avoid paying taxes, reap special tax breaks, and generally enrich themselves with taxpayer money,” while “the rest of us [are left] stuck in sand traps of stagnant employment, low wages, unnecessary layoffs, and unfair foreclosures.”

A coalition of labor and community groups, Stand Up Chicago launched in June when 5,000 protestors marched on the Chicago CFO Executive Summit, where leaders of 80 corporations and banks were meeting.

Some 24 protestors were arrested blocking traffic, demanding the banks and corporations – which had $200 billion in 2010 profits – invest in jobs, pay a fair share of taxes, and stop foreclosures rather than paying out millions to their chief executives.

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