Comments on: In Millennium Reserve, a firing range? Chicago Community Stories Thu, 03 Apr 2014 01:18:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: Audrey Fischer Wed, 18 Jan 2012 04:49:13 +0000 The proposed site for this outdoor shooting range is within hearing range of kid’s homes.


i suppose you can get used to it.

My brother lived next to a train… when i questioned him if the noise bothered him… he replied… he doesn’t even notice it anymore. His wife agreed.
My friend lives near ohare… he says the same thing about the airplanes… he doesn’t even notice– let alone get annoyed– that he automatically stops conversation when the plane’s on approach over his house… it’s second nature to him.

My question to you is:

Do you really want kids growing up numb to the sound of gunshot… and accept that this is a natural part of life? Especially when kids find out these people are practicing to shoot people? Necessary fact of life, but it’s hardly the atmosphere for kids to play in.
What an astonishing pseudo-reality that we have suckered ourselves into believing.

I would suggest that the
gun shot
gun shot
gun shot … outdoor firing range be located somewhere within hearing range of a prison… to remind the inmates that there is a good force of men and women in constant training to keep crime low. This may help convince the inmates to change their ways.
The thought of children growing numb to the sound of shooting guns is chilling.

By: acie cargill Tue, 10 Jan 2012 02:57:22 +0000 I have 10 sugestions.

1. The facility should be closed at night.

2. No large light sources

3. State of the art sound dampening structures and procedures

4. The section with the wetlands and woods must be preserved as natural

5. No helicopters

6. No loudspeakers

7. No explosives

8. No dumping in or filling in of wetllands.

9. No one is allowed in the wildlife area

10. Not to be used for training for any type of vehicles.

Can Chicago, with it’s new liberal mayor, Rahm Emanuel build and operate the facility to be as little intrusive on nature as possible?