Comments on: Perspectives on the teachers contract talks Chicago Community Stories Thu, 03 Apr 2014 01:18:42 +0000 hourly 1 By: Joy Gatji Thu, 30 Aug 2012 03:18:51 +0000 UNO Charter Schools’ head honcho, Juan Rangel, is politically tied to Ed Burke and his brother, Daniel Burke. UNO had lost a great deal of funds and had asked Ed Burke to help. He did, but UNO Charter Schools told their parents to vote for Ed Burke’s brother as a return favor. Everyone is politically tied. Even charter schools. By the way, charter schools do not have to hire teachers with an actual teaching degree, and if they do, those teachers most likely are placed in areas that are not what they are certified in. A music teacher may be given a math class to teach & have no experience. Charter schools get to keep the money they get for students who eventually are removed & put back into a non-charter school because of discipline problems. Charter schools dump those children and fail them!!! That is not a professional act of any educator.

As far as pension, teachers are not to be blamed for the loss of pension fund. The politicians spent what was in there!!! Public school teachers, not just Chicago, have always put in their contributions to their pensions in every paycheck.

The nation is watching the power of Chicago’s Teachers Union. After what happened in Wisconsin, the rest of the nation is just simply tired of the union bashing and all the organizations such as Stand for Children, Democrats for Ed Reform, and astroturf billionaires who call themselves grassroots organizations. The Chicago Teachers Union is a lot more powerful than it has ever been. On the contrary, it has been empowered by its unity of strength & the public bashing it receives. The education reform passed by Quinn in June 2011 made it more difficult for teachers to strike by changing the laws. But the CTU surpassed that 75% “unachievable” vote to 90%!!! Knowing that the rest of the nation is watching makes the union members more empowered, more courageous, and ready to fight. It’s not even about Chicago Public Schools teachers. It is now about how public school teachers need to stand up for children and stop politics and corporations using the children as pawns for their own self-serving greed.

By: Wilma Growney Fri, 24 Aug 2012 16:51:57 +0000 Sounds good,but I am very anti the teacher’s union. It has taken away the professionalism of the teahers and reduced them to blue collar workers. They get generous
pensions which has put Illinois into a hugh deficit. Now the Democrats want the local school districts to pay the retirements to save Illinois. Since the union gets the union dues why doesn’t the union take resposibility for the teacher’s retirement and pay it? No the dues are
used for political purposes to elect democrats. It’s
disgusting. One union president said years ago that if
children paid union dues than he would care about them!

Teachers and school boards and all the hierarchy involved in the educational industry should be embarrassed
about how bad it is.

Charter schools are free of the burden of the teacher’s
union which allows teachers to be professionals.

Unions are terrified of the charters and demean them. They work legislatively to keep them out of states. Remember all the union dues that go to Dems pays off for
them in terms of the Dems voting the way the teacher’s
union dictates. But the union is losing this battle to
have no charters.

The union gets a union mwember elected to every school
board to drive the union’s agenda. Where I live we have
possibly two on my local school board.

The teacher’s union is an ugly entity that I hope one day will be a historical artifact.

By: Joy Gatji Thu, 23 Aug 2012 01:01:01 +0000 Curtis, this is an awesome read! Great job! I just found out a couple of weeks ago that CPS is mandating K-1 grades to also test with NWEA MAP, which for the last two years began in 2nd grade at my school for the end of the year. But this mandate is a clear sign that CPS is finding a way to use merit pay. It’s sad how the children are being used as pawns. Teachers will spend more time on teaching to the test and testing skills to achieve merit pay. I don’t see how this will encourage a rigorous curriculum. Students are being bombarded with more “face time” in front of computers. It’s kind of scary. Must see “A Race to Nowhere” – it’s being shown for free across the nation. Google it if you’re not familiar with it. Sept. 25 @ South Barrington is next showing. It’s free, you just have to reserve a seating.
I really enjoy reading all your article and have become a fan of your writing & perspective.