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Walmart warehouse workers strike

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Workers at a Walmart distribution center near Joliet went on strike Saturday to protest what they say is illegal retaliation.

According to a release from Warehouse Workers for Justice [2], they’re protesting intimidation and retaliation following the filing of a federal lawsuit charging violation of wage laws earlier this week.

On Thursday, workers at Walmart’s huge warehouse complex in Elwood, Illinois, filed suit against Walmart contractor Roadlink Workforce Solutions alleging they hadn’t been paid for all hours worked, hadn’t been paid for overtime, and in some cases were paid less than minimum wage, according to their attorney, Chris Williams of the Workers’ Law Office.

It’s the sixth lawsuit by Walmart warehouse workers in Elwood charging contractors with wage theft, said Leah Fried of WWJ.

Last week workers at Walmart warehouses in California went on strike to protest retaliaton by contractors for organizing activity.

In California, contractors at Walmart warehouses have been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for violations of workers’ rights, and a federal judge has issued injunctions to protect workers, including an injunction to stop the mass firing of workers who had filed a wage theft lawsuit, according to WWJ.