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King tribute raises disparities in public services for South Side

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A Sunday tribute to Martin Luther King’s legacy will seek to hold elected officials accountable for addressing disparities in public services for South Side residents, including the lack of a major park facility in Bronzeville.

Dr. Otis Moss III of Trinity United Church will keynote the “Call for Accountability,” sponsored by Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation [2], Sunday, January 13 at 2:30 p.m. at West Point Missionary Baptist Church, 3556 S. Cottage Grove.

Elected officials in attendance will be asked to support a new arts and recreation facility for Bronzeville.

Pointing out that there’s no large, “Class A” park district fieldhouse between the Loop and 55th Street east of the Dan Ryan, SOUL has been organizing for such a facility to be located at 35th and Cottage Grove.  Several area churches and park advisory councils have signed on to the campaign.

Support will also be solicited for a Cook County Land Bank — with a goal of rehabbing up to a thousand vacant foreclosed homes in the next two years — and for a CTA bus route on 31st Street.

The 31st Street route was eliminated in 1998 as a cost-cutting measure.  CTA recently extended the 35th Street bus to cover 31st Street from Kedzie to Cicero on a trial basis.

The Bridgeport Alliance, a member organization of SOUL, has been working to restore the entire line, said Shani Smith.  Currently there’s no bus service for Bridgeport and Bronzeville between Cermak and 35th Street, a mile-and-a-half gap.