CHA on replacement unit at Lathrop

Matt Aguilar, CHA spokesman, on replacement housing at Lathrop


Will the plan [for Lathrop] presented to the CHA board include specific plans for offsite replacement public housing (the 525 units that were discussed at the public meeting Tuesday), including locations, timetables, etc?


Although the Lathrop development originally had 925 units, there are less than 165 units occupied today. Currently, 274 families have a Right to Return. CHA’s plans to redevelop this site, bringing back 400 units of public housing, will more than accommodate the families that have a Right of Return.

As an integral part of Plan Forward, CHA’s new strategic initiative, CHA will continue to look to develop and/or acquire units in Chicago’s Opportunity and developing neighborhoods.

Further, CHA has recently released an RFP to prequalify developers to deliver units to the CHA in a variety of ownership or subsidy structures.  CHA plans to use developers selected under this RFP to continue to develop and acquire units in opportunity and developing neighborhoods in Chicago.

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